2014 is designated by the Korean government as the Visit Jirisan Area Year.

With the city of Seoul alone boasting 37 mountains, you can easily imagine what Korea's terrain is like. There are more than 800 mountains in Korea, with each one of them offering their own special highlights. One of the local favorites is the impressive Seoraksan Mountain during Autumn. Countless numbers of people venture out to view the autumn foliage. If you aren't up for hiking, there is a cable car that will lift you up 670

As the tallest and largest mountain in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, Jirisan spans over seven cities and counties. Under the scheme the municipal authorities of these cities and counties are encouraged to form an effective tourism network that provides well-coordinated services for the tourists visiting the area. The local administrations have already reached an agreement to use a slogan, "The Proposal of the Millennium: Commune with Nature!", to attract tourists from across the country. They highlight that Jirisan has been one of the Korea's most bountiful natural healing zones dotted with attractions that boost vitality, good luck and love among visitors.

Jirisan contains a few key attractions that make it irresistible to visitors

Jirisan Dulle-gil has already become one of the country's most popular tracking routes guiding visitors to many of its major tourist destinations. The mountain also contains some of the Korea's most admired historic Buddhist temples such as Hwaeomsa, Silsangsa, and Ssanggyesa enshrined with a wealth of cultural heritage items now designated as National Treasures.

The Visit Jirisan Area Year 2014 is expected to provide the area with an opportunity to lay a firm foundation for a profitable fusion of local cultures not only for the local communities but also for the visitors from the rest of Korea and abroad.

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