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Jirisan Dulle-gil refers to a 300-kilometer stretch of trail that passes through five cities of southern Korea. The trail connects to a number of old mountain paths, hilly paths, forest paths, river paths, field paths, farm roads, and village roads all over Jirisan Mountain, so it’s a perfect trail to take if you want to meet the people living in the mountain, or just see the nature.

The Trail of People, Life, Introspection, and Pilgrimage

Jirisan Dulle-gil is a great way to see the nature, villages, history, and culture, as well as to rediscover and embrace the meaning of these beautiful things. Every inch of the trail, you'll learn the importance of people and life, if you listen to the whispers of the people, grass, tree, and other living creatures.

The way into Jirisan Mountain starts from the Sullye-gil. In 2004, a group of pilgrims who set out to establish a sense of ‘Life and Peace' in this country proposed that it would be nice to have a ‘Sullye-gil (pilgrimage trail)' in Jirisan that connects people and villages. Their proposal was modified and improved, and the result was the ‘Jirisan Dulle-gil'. The main purpose of building the trail was to promote the remote mountainous villages, and deliver a message of coexistence, reconciliation, and peace to all living creatures on and near the trail.

Love & Preserve the Nature

Most of the walking and hiking trails of Jirisan Dulle-gil were built with the help and understanding of the people living in the area. Dulle-gil gained much popularity among nature lovers as soon as it opened. People flocked to various parts of the mountain thanks to the new trail routes, which were made accessible by tour bus as well. Being one of the most visited tourist destinations in Korea, Jirisan suffers from the careless and irresponsible disposal of garbage by some of the visitors. Some even go as far as picking fruits and vegetables growing in the area, heedless of the fact that they are personal property. Please do not be one of them, and help protect the environment.


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Jungtae Village Information Center +82-55-973-9850

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