About Jirisan Mountain

Jirisan, the First National Park in Korea

Jirisan Mountain is one of the largest mountains in Korea. The mountain area encompasses 7 cities (Namwon, Jangsu, Gokseong, Gurye, Hadong, Sancheong, Hamyang).
It was also the first mountain in Korea to be designated as a national park in 1967. With many famous ancient Buddhist temples as well as the most pristine forest in Korea with many species of wild animals, Jirisan Mountain is regarded as a holy mountain with many mysteries.

The mountain is named Jiri, which means to turn a foolish person into a wise one. It is believed that the mountain is so sacred that anyone can become wise if he stays there long enough.

The Best Hiking Trail in Jirisan Mountain

The main ridge stretches from Southwest to Northeast. With the tallest peak (Cheonwangbong Peak, 1,915 m) at the center, there are Chilseonbong Peak (1,576m), Deokpyeongbong Peak (1,522 m), Myeongseonbong Peak (1,586 m), Tokkibong Peak (1,534 m), Banyabong (1,732 m), and Nogodan Peak (1,507 m) to the west. To the east of the ridge, there are Jungbong Peak (1,875 m), Habong Peak (1,781 m), and Ssaribong Peak (1,640 m).

Today, the Korea National Park Service maintains a total of 18 hiking trails in Jirisan Mountain. So the best hiking trail would be the one that suits your physical condition the best, and the most sensible choice as well.


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Jungsalli Branch Office +82-63-635-0850
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Hadong Branch Office +82-55-884-0854
Jirisan National Park Office +82-55-884-3443
Guryong Branch Office +82-55-973-9850
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Jirisan National Park Southern Office +82-55-973-9850

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